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Since 1993, Off The Wall Advertising has built a track record of success helping businesses like yours across the tri-state region. While working with hundreds of businesses, we developed our system for success. Our system utilizes indoor advertising, placing professional billboards in high traffic locations. Let Off The Wall Advertising show you how to get the return on investment you expect from every advertising dollar.


The Off The Wall Advertising system for success uses a common sense approach to basic marketing principles. This system includes targeting buyers for your goods and services and developing an effective and motivating message, while working within your budget to achieve maximum exposure.


Off The Wall advertising is the region’s premier provider of indoor advertising. We showcase full-color ads that are prominently displayed in the rest rooms of nightclubs, restaurants, health clubs, and arenas across the region. Each location is carefully selected by demographics, socioeconomics, and gender profile. This enables our advertisers to target their message and makes Off The Wall the perfect choice for knowledgeable advertisers.


"Lauren, I have to tell you that I am SO impressed and really excited about this!! I was VERY hesitant, just because we've tried things like this before without a lot of follow through, but this is fantastic! I REALLY appreciate you taking control and finding the image, and just running with it. THANK YOU!!!"

Kvamme Travel - Susie Fox

"Off the Wall has been great to work with for the last two years. Heather has been very helpful each time we need a quick change to our ad or have them create something for us. As we all know Fargo/Moorhead is a hot bed for restaurants and pubs, so it makes sense to advertise where the people go."

Talecris Plasma Resources - Stephanie Bushee
Facebook | Off The Wall Advertising

Our Mission: to reach the right people, with the right message at the right time.






It all starts here… Off The Wall Advertising is the only advertising medium that truly has a captive audience. Customers are not only forced to see your message — they crave something to read. Average time with your medium is 1 1/2 – 2 minutes, and they can’t change the channel or switch stations.




Why are you wasting your advertising money on non-prospects?

Most products are purchased significantly more by either men or women. Off The Wall Advertising guarantees 100% of your advertising will reach only men, only women, or both, if you choose.




Off The Wall Advertising represents a broad range of high traffic locations, providing you with a unique opportunity to focus your marketing dollars on particular groups of consumers. Target by age, income, lifestyle — even geography.




Everyone knows that people need to see an ad three or more times before they even consider taking action, and Off The Wall Advertising is there all day, every day. There is no worrying about picking  the right day, time, or program. When the customer is out, so is Off The Wall Advertising.




Whether used alone or as part of a marketing mix, Off The Wall Advertising provides a cost effective way to reach your target consumers, every day and every time of the year.



Indoor Billboards | Off The Wall Advertising

Indoor advertising or restroom advertising is the most significant development in target marketing in years. It provides an excellent communication tool for reaching active, on-the-go baby boomers while they are out spending money in popular local restaurants, nightclubs, and health clubs.


Indoor Advertising works because it’s a captive audience – viewers are forced to read your ads – they can’t turn the page, change channels or switch stations. Off The Wall Advertising will design a full color, eye-catching 8 X 10  static or digital ad that will be seen and remembered. Best of all, your advertising will be working for you all day, every day, for the entire month. This is why hundreds of businesses have achieved great results with Off The Wall Advertising.


Here are some key benefits of Indoor Billboards:

  • Reach a captive audience of people that are out spending money
  • Your ads will be read closest to the point of purchase
  • Your ad will be full color, creative and memorable
  • Off The Wall reaches people all day, every day, all month long
  • Your ad will be seen over 720 times per day


Indoor Digital Billboards | Off The Wall Advertising

Off the Wall has a large network of Indoor Digital Billboards across Fargo, Bismarck and Grand Forks.


The screen sizes vary depending on location from 9″ screens, 13″ screens to full size HD TV’s.  The software used can turn any mobile device into a digital sign, even the smart phone in your hand.


The benefit of digital signage is instantaneous changes to your ad content and not being limited to one ad a month if needed.  Have a special that is different every weekend?  Not a problem, we can change it.  Want to advertise your business while running a live TV stream?  We have options for that.



Outdoor Billboards | Off The Wall Advertising

Be First — Be Seen — Be Remembered.  This is the golden opportunity to create a buzz, drive traffic and make your cash register ring! Let us deliver your digital message to a captive audience!


As society continues to become more mobile, out of home media solutions like digital billboards have become a great way to:


  • Strengthen brand identity
  • Drive Sales
  • Introduce new products/businesses
  • Interact with customers


Agencies and advertisers use outdoor billboards in stand-alone campaigns, or in conjunction with radio, TV, print and online campaigns.


The average consumer today spends more time away from their home than inside their home. As a result, Outdoor advertising is a very effective medium for reaching and targeting a mass audience.


Off the Wall’s outdoor network of digital billboards use the latest technology in digital file trafficking, which means creative can be changed quickly and easily. In addition to easy creative changes, our technology allows us to rotate different ads for one client to maximize a campaign’s visual potential. With our advanced technology, our advertisers can use multiple messages throughout the campaign without incurring the costs associated with production and vinyl changes.


Digital Billboards are more effective than static billboards because the ads rotate on the screen, where as static billboards remain the same for at least 90 days. Consumers learn to watch digital billboards continuously for new messages and ads, while static billboards become, well, just static – blending in with the background of the landscape after the 4-5 impression



Red River Valley Fair | Print | Off The Wall Advertising

We have a full service creative department that offers everything from traditional print design to mobile app framework and web site design. We have experience creating virtually every form of print product for clients, from business cards and brochures to trade show displays and pump toppers, and everything in between.


We also facilitate bidding out print projects, ensuring that our clients get the best deal, with the best materials. Don’t know the difference between 100# glossy cover stock and 80# matte text stock? Don’t worry, we got you covered.


Your business deserves great design. Great business leaders understand the value of a strong visual concept for a brand.


Your vision and our talent can help transform your brand from an afterthought to the top of your customer’s mind.



Mobile Apps | Off The Wall Advertising

A mobile app can provide a powerful connection between your business and the consumer.  It extends the reach of your brand via a platform that is accessible to users wherever they are.


The benefits of having an app are many and varied:

  • Reach consumers anytime, anywhere
  • Gain market share by dominating the mobile space
  • Present a brand, product or service portfolio to consumers external to the traditional retail space
  • Captivate consumers and convert them to loyal customers
  • Communicate sales, news or specials with push notifications
  • Activate customer loyalty initiatives
  • Activate mobile-exclusive promotions and discounts, coupons and special offers
  • Engage in location-based marketing
  • Integrate into existing data to create a central point of truth for marketing and communication initiatives



An app means that consumers can find, engage, and purchase from your brand anytime, anywhere and share the experience with others.



Social Media | Off The Wall Advertising

Social Media has become a powerful tool for businesses to engage with their audiences. But the ubiquitous status updates have become, well, status quo. We have built powerful and successful social media campaigns using everything from Facebook and Twitter, to blogging, YouTube and Pinterest. We know that today’s customers expect more than 30 second sound bites from companies, they want to interact and learn from their relationships with businesses. It’s a brave new world of marketing out there, and we are pioneers.


Facebook set up (if needed)

• Page branding

• Page identity content (about us, hours, location, description, category)

• Up to 90 minutes of Consulting/Training for employees with an

Off the Wall Social Media Expert


Continued Facebook Management

• Daily updates

• Interactive contests and offers

• Page monitoring (Answering questions from fans, responding to concerns)

• HTML Tab set up

• Photo Album Management


Facebook campaign management Reporting:

• Monthly insights report presented to client

• Including likes, views, unique views, demographics, reach, virility.


Other Social Media Services

(Packages can be customized):

• Online ad campaign management • Twitter administration

• Pinterest administration • Web video production

• RSS Monitoring • Texting Campaigns

• Blogging



Audio & Video | Off The Wall Advertising

We are proud to have added professional audio & video production to our repertoire of services, and have had several successful long and short-form projects. Our production team of writers, directors and producers know how to capture the site, sound, motion and emotion that has made video the most powerful medium for the past 50 years, whether on TV, online or in your grocery store.


  • Retail site visitors who view video stay onsite two minutes longer on average.
  • People who view a web video are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors.
  • Video and other multi-media product viewing options were rated more effective than any other site initiatives in an survey of almost 2,000 interactive marketers.
  • Video traffic on mobile networks increased by 10% over a 1 year period and is now 50% of wireless network traffic.
  • Video in email marketing has been shown to increase click-through rates by over 96%.

NDSU Soil Health

Bethany Retirement Living

Bottle Barn Liquors


Website Design | Off The Wall Advertising

We believe that when it comes to web development, form should meet function. We have created and maintained several web sites for our clients that not only look great, but function as powerful tools for their businesses.


Chances are, you already have a web site. Just like most new marketing tools, however, evolution in technology and design have made most sites created even just 5 years ago outdated.


But there’s good news. At Off the Wall Advertising, we have a web development team that are experts in building modern, clean and functioning web sites for a variety of clients with a variety of needs.


Ask us about a free web site consultation.


Online Ads | Off The Wall Advertising

If you still think of online advertising as pop ups, it’s time to take notice of the digital frontier. Your customers have. 


The true strength of online advertising is the ability it gives marketers to creative strategic campaigns targeted at specific groups of people. Campaigns can be targeted to people by their geographic location, the time of day, the day of the week, the page the person is visiting and much more. In addition to reaching the right people, business owners have found online advertising particularly appealing for the reporting functions digital advertising allows.  Strategies can be easily tweaked based on data, creating better executed campaigns.


Online ads can also be static or animated, and most sites offer the same ad sizes, making creative for cross-market campaigns easy and universal.