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Off The Wall Advertising's system targets buyers for your goods & services and develops an effective & motivating message, while staying within your budget to achieve maximum exposure.



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to reach the right people, with the right message at the right time.




Since 1993, Off The Wall Advertising has built a track record of success helping businesses like yours across the tri-state region. While working with hundreds of businesses, we developed our system for success. Our system utilizes indoor advertising, placing professional billboards in high traffic locations. Let Off The Wall Advertising show you how to get the return on investment you expect from every advertising dollar.

The Off The Wall Advertising system for success uses a common sense approach to basic marketing principles. This system includes targeting buyers for your goods and services and developing an effective and motivating message, while working within your budget to achieve maximum exposure.

Off The Wall advertising is the region’s premier provider of indoor advertising. We showcase full-color ads that are prominently displayed in the rest rooms of nightclubs, restaurants, health clubs, and arenas across the region. Each location is carefully selected by demographics, socioeconomics, and gender profile. This enables our advertisers to target their message and makes Off The Wall the perfect choice for knowledgeable advertisers.


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