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5 Marketing Things you should consider during this time

By April 7, 2020March 27th, 2023Blog Post, Marketing

With an average incline of 60% of screen and web time during this social distancing time, there is no other prime time to incorporate these items into your marketing plan for the near future.

Here is a short list of items we have identified to spend a little more time to update, create and implement to help with your brand and marketing, while your competitors are sitting tight.

1. Website Updates:

Are you up to date with the recent algorithms changes on content, links, activity, listings and design?

There is a method to Google’s madness on the requirements of website SEO, be sure to take time and keep your website up to date. Users are spending a lot more time, and this is your only salesperson out there working for you right now.

Contact one of our Media Representatives to learn more and run a complimentary website analysis for you and how you can improve not only the appearance, but the organic listings and algorithms search engines are scanning.

2. Household Geofencing:

Geofencing is an online “buzz word”, but really to understand the capabilities and features of this great product- contact us to learn the dets on how you can use this tool to capture and deliver retargeting ads to particular types of people, types of searches, neighborhoods, etc.

Our Geofencing technique doesn’t target by block, but by building walls. This will eliminate any drive by traffic, neighbors, or irrelevant geographical locations you may not see the benefits of targeting.

In addition to our exclusive geofence targeting capabilities we also serve ads on more devices and platforms than any competitors in the Midwest market. These sites and mobile apps are highly trafficked and accredited, sites like CNN, HGTV, Wayfair, ESPN; primarily news, sports, magazine featured sites with live inventory.

3. Next up, Streaming TV including CTV/OTT and Pre-Roll:

They say over 80% of all video created will be only seen online or streaming outlets, and not live broadcast. We’d have to say, we agree; majority of news segments, seasonal shows, movies, are being streamed or recorded and watched at a more convenient time for consumers.

What does this mean for you? Drop the network, cable tv, and go to streaming.

There are different types of streaming options available, here is a brief glimpse of the differences to better choose what is the best fit for you.

First, CTV/OTT= also known as Connected TV: these are membership based subscriptions like Roku, Sling, AppleTV, DirectTV NOW, ESPNGo and over 10 more. These options will deliver video commercial segments to users with these platforms, geographically based. Rest assured your ads are being seen and having data to prove the viewership rate.

Second, Pre-Roll= also known as website video commercials: owning the largest market share of video websites is YouTube. Pre-Roll is a tool you can use to deliver video commercial segments to users not only geographically based, but also based on their search history, keywords, cookies, interests, demographic and more features.

4. Mobile App Advertising:

Now, this is what in fact Geofencing actually is… ads delivered through mobile apps.

You know, those annoying ads when your crushin’ candy… yep, that can be you, targeting your consumer in a more direct, captive manner than ever before.

These capabilities and features can include frequency, demographics, Geographic’s, search history, interest- sports, weather, games, kids, family, recipes, and basically goes on for another 49,996 more apps filters.

This static ad, with a click through capability to capture users and drive them right to your website, then the rest is up to you to keep them there, follow through with a call to action or retarget those site visitors.

Again, people love digital for the data, here you can have numbers up the wah-zoo, if you like data- then this is a great, reassuring product to market to your ideal customer with, and we can prove it.

5. Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok… does this make your head spin… where are my customers at? How can I communicate and engage with them?

Similar to Google, Facebook and Instagram own majority of market share when we are talking social media. When social media is done right, following the ‘magical algorithms’ they put into place, should be nothing more than successful to you, your business and your website.

Like the other online capabilities, social media can target geographically, demo, age, gender, some interests, likes; there are some privacy settings that could deflect proper disbursement of ads, but overall the CPM is very cost effective, so hitting the whole gamut may cost the same as a traditional branding 10 o’clock news spot.

Most devices capture over 60 minutes of social scrolling every day- that is most than most of us spend to eat a meal, or two. The social dark hole… yep, it is easy to get lost in the social world in a no time.

Taking social to another level can improve your overall brand, your story and your cash register.