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Inside the Mind of Off the Wall CEO, Steve Dye

By January 7, 2021March 27th, 2023Blog Post, Meet The Team

For 27 years, Off the Wall Advertising has been one of the region’s leading advertisement providers. As the creator of a system built for success, CEO and founder Steve Dye shares his experience working in the advertising industry and advice to those who are looking to get into the business.

Q: What keeps you inspired?

A: Our customers and team keep me inspired on a daily basis. It’s so impactful to see the team work really hard to bring success to our clients and learning how to tell each client’s story well. Marketing is a subjective craft, it’s almost like writing a book – some people will like it, some people won’t. So, having the ability to help other people understand clients and what it takes to keep growing in this industry is exciting and always evolving.

Q: How do you balance work and life?

A: When you have a passion for what you do, it’s hard to separate your personal and professional life. In the marketing industry, your mind is always on and when an idea comes, it comes, and you have to go with it. I would say that having the right people in the right place and communicating as a team takes the pressure off of having to do everything yourself. That has enabled me to be there for my family a lot more than I have in the past.

Q: What is your favorite part about your position?

A: Seeing our team grow and collaborate together is my favorite part of my position. The team that we have are great problem-solvers, reliable, and continue to communicate well with one another! Helping to develop our team to synergize what we are trying to accomplish as a company is the most rewarding thing to be a part of.

Q: What advice would you give others who are looking to get into the advertising industry?

A: Do an internship and learn as much as you can. Beyond that, don’t settle on being just an intern, become a part of the team. It’s also incredibly beneficial to have a mentorship with someone who has previously been in your shoes. Having a constant curiosity and asking questions will help prepare you for your career. To someone who may be entering the marketing industry, I believe it speaks volumes if you are willing to take criticism, having the humility to fail gracefully, and to learn from your mistakes.

Q: What advice would you give 21-year-old-Steve?

A: Believe in yourself. Work harder – I wish I would’ve been more determined, more focused, and invested more time in the career I wanted. Take more chances and dare to ask people more questions and try different things. The older you get, I think you get more set in your ways and it becomes much harder to learn new things because you’ve found something that may not be the best, but it’s safe. The advice I would give my past self would be to think big and dream big.

Q: What is the most important thing to look for in a job?

A: Passion is the one thing I look for to bring our team together. There’s the phrase, “if you find something that you love, you won’t work a day in your life” to me, that’s about passion. In difficult or rewarding circumstances, passion is ultimately what keeps you going.

Steve’s passion for what he accomplishes every day is inspiring in itself. His experience and success of working with a wide array of clients and in a collaborative atmosphere is what makes him who he is today.

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