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Programmatic Audio

By July 14, 2021March 27th, 2023Blog Post, Programmatic Audio

Jump start your advertising with programmatic audio! You can reach more of your target audience and increase how often your message is received. According to Spotify, “75% of Spotify listeners say they remember ads more when the ads recognize their moment or setting.” Now more than ever, you can focus on a platform that catches your audience throughout the day. Whether it be going for a walk, working out, cooking, or spending a lake day on the boat you can reach and impact your audience in the moment or setting that is taking place in the present.

Programmatic audio advertising allows you to specifically target your audience through digital audio platforms like; Pandora, iHeart, Spotify, podcasts and more! This form of advertising is beneficial to you because you can become more accessible to listeners wherever and whenever they are listening. This form of advertising is served in-between different audios to really showcase your ad without any distractions. This allows listeners to really tune in to your digital audio.

Off The Wall Advertising can help you navigate programmatic buying! We can provide you with a team of writers to carefully craft a message for your audio. From there, we have experience in piecing together different voice effects to produce a personal connection with listeners in their moment or setting. The team at Off The Wall Advertising is motivated to help assist you in understanding how to target buyers and develop effective messaging to give you maximum exposure.