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Be First — Be Seen — Be Remembered.  This is the golden opportunity to create a buzz, drive traffic and make your cash register ring! Let us deliver your digital message to a captive audience!

Agencies and advertisers use outdoor billboards in stand-alone campaigns, or in conjunction with radio, TV, print and online campaigns. The average consumer today spends more time away from their home than inside their home. As a result, outdoor advertising is a very effective medium for reaching and targeting a mass audience.

Digital Billboards are more effective than static billboards because the ads rotate on the screen, where as static billboards remain the same for at least 90 days. Consumers learn to watch digital billboards continuously for new messages and ads, while static billboards become, well, just static – blending in with the background of the landscape after the 4-5 impression.

Off The Wall’s outdoor network of digital billboards use the latest technology in digital file trafficking, which means creative can be changed quickly and easily. In addition to easy creative changes, our technology allows us to rotate different ads for one client to maximize a campaign’s visual potential. With our advanced technology, our advertisers can use multiple messages throughout the campaign without incurring the costs associated with production and vinyl changes.


  • Strengthen brand identity
  • Drive Sales
  • Introduce new products/businesses
  • Interact with customers
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